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Anime and Manga

Scantrad.net (Manga scan translations,replaced by FMTEAM.fr)
Animeka (Anime news and translations, fansub)
Lelscans (Online manga reader)
Anime-Kun (Anime and manga news)
Anime download

Art and Craftsmanship

Roy Sac (ASCII Art)
Defacto2 (ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings)
Sixteen Colors (Archive of ANSI and ASCII art)
Volpin Props (Homemade Daft Punk Helmet replica, see also [1], [2], [3], [4])
RPF (RPF Costume and Prop Maker Community)
It's Nice That (Photography and graphic design)
Mark Flipse (Bulp lights)
Graphism (Geoffrey Dorne blog)
Graffiti Research Lab (Graffiti and open source tools)
F.A.T Lab (Free Art and Technology Lab)
METMO (high precision CNC, known for the cube)


Vintage Cycling Database
Baudou Bikes
Grenaillage Metallisation Thermolaquage
Motobecane Profil 2 stickers
Motobecane Profil 3 pics
Bottom bracket guide
Bike Cafe (Bottom brackets standards)
Bike Cafe (Standards part 2)
Sheldon Brown (Bottom bracket size database)
Sheldon Brown (Bottom bracket JIS or ISO ?)
Bike chain informations
Shimano - Dura Ace history
The Phoenix Project
Cinelli Vigorelli review
MKS Pedals
The Radavist
Pomalujrower.pl (RAL paint rendering on bikes)
La Chouette
Bike Components
Studio Brisant (expensive but good overview of quality parts)
Specialite TA
Monsieur Pignon Madame Guidon
Analog Cycles
Wolf tooth chainrings
Brompton saddle clamp

Electronic and PCB

Arduboy (Arduino GameBoy like)
Maxim Integtrated (Battery life calculator)
OSH Park (Purple PCB)
Sonelec Musique (Life saver website for young electronic student ;) )
DXArts (AC Dimmer circuit, see also: [1])
Migratory Bird Center (Light-Level geolocator, see also: [1], [2])
PCBWay (PCB Prototype)
JLC PCB (PCB Prototype)
JLC PCB (High quality PCB Prototype)
Negative copper with KiCad
PCB business card (nice PCB and BOM rendering)
Hack A day (Electronic projects)
Make (DIY magazine)
Instructables (Temple of the DIY)
Electronic-Lab (Electronic components blog)
PCB Buy (Another PCB manufacturer for colored pcb)
InteractiveHtmlBom (Intercative BOM and PCB layout)

Food and drinks

Jacob brewery (Best Weissbier ever)
San Pier Damiani (Parmigiano Reggiano...)

Games and books

Star Wars Universe (News about movies, TV show, books, games, ...)
Unknown Cheats (Game cheats with source code, see also: [1], [2])
NoFrag (News about FPS games)
NoFrag (News about Final Fantasy games)
La pérégrination vers l'Ouest

House construction and tools

Kee Klamp (Pipe and industrial connectors, see also: [1])
Legrand Copytracer (Check if you have legit Legrand parts)
Rehau (Industrial pipes, but not only)
Placo (Plaster and dry wall)
Fine Tools (Good looking tools, not cheap but affordable for long work)
Guedo Outillage (Nice prices on power tools like drills)
Dispano (Wood panels)
PointP (Wood, concrete, plaster, ...)
Weber (Best ragreage and enduits, like VPI, MAPEI, Parex-Lanko)
CEDEO (Same as PointP but for plumbing)
Materiel Electrique (Electric stuff)
123Elec (Electric stuff)
Domomat (Electric stuff again)
Quincaillerie Pro (Chausson now)
Bricozor (nice quincaillerie)
Reuter (Bathroom and kitchen products retailer)
Wendel (Best carrelage reseller, and by far)
Schulte (Affordable shower screen)
Seigneurie Gauthier (Wall and floor paint)
Blanchon (Wood paint)

Laser cut and 3D printing

Damengo (Laser cut service in Toulouse area)
CraftCloud (3D printing in any material)
Ponoko (Laser cut and 3D printing)
Artillery (Good 3D printers)
Hubs.com (CNC machining)


Fantic Caballero (nice model)
Classic Ride (good prices on Bell helmets)
High Side (great team and good vroum vroum videos)
Old-MX (Spare parts for retro motorbikes)
Yam2Stroke (Yamaha DT saddle high change)
Yam2Stroke.free.fr (Yamaha DT saddle high change)
HistoVec (Governemental website in order to get any vehicle historic)
Husqvarna (hmm... the vitpilen)


User Benchmark (CPU, GPU benchmark)
Apollo Real Time (Apollo missions with audio, ...)
DVF (Real house prices in France, based on known transactions)
Million Dollar Page (Good idea, maybe something similar could be done in order to visualize links available here differently)
IANA ("Sources for time zone and daylight saving time data")
FCC DMS Decimal (Degrees Minutes Seconds to/from Decimal Degrees)
FlyLineCam (Cable CAM, see also: [1] and [2])
Artemide (expensive lights)
Web3 is Going Great (news about exploit and crisis in the crypto world)
logosbynick.com (convert png to svg)


Goriz shelter (useful for Mont Perdu weather and news)
Club Alpin Francais (news and shelters)
FATMAP (great 3D maps with )
Camp to camp (Moutain sports community)
Rando Marche (topo)
Topo Pyrénées (great website about Pyrénées hikes)
AllTrails (Trails community)
Waymarked Trails (World wide trails)
Wild Atlantic Way (Ireland west coast)
West Highland Way (Scotland trail)
Pyrénées refuges (list of shelters with their websites)

Software development

Ramon's Homepage (Serial communication in Win32)
Code project ("Writing Efficient C and C Code Optimization")
Davespace's (ARM > Efficient C for ARM > Pointer Aliasing)
ARM Developer #1 ("Creating C Files from Binary or Hex Data")
CPP reference (Bit field declaration)
Homekit project based on ESP (Source code)
Josh Milburn ("Sharing a Prolific USB->UART Converter with VirtualBox")
ARM Developer #2 ("Include a Binary Image into an Application")
ARM Developer #3 ("How to Write a Bootloader")
MBed project (Mbed source code)
Kevin Cuzner project's ("How to Write a Bootloader")
Interrupt Memfault (From Zero to main(): How to Write a Bootloader from Scratch)
Linux kernel source (Linux kernel coding style, see also [1] for U-Boot)
Michael Dipperstein's Page (LZSS implementation, see also: [1])
PEAK PCAN PRO/PRO FD (Firmware for STM32F4 based boards)
Web DFU (Firmware download in Javascript, see also: [1])
SWAIR Project (NMEA Analyzer)
Christian's blog (Inspired the blog page related to Cygwin)
ISO CPP (Const correctness...)
MyDevices.com (Platform for IOT dev, like LoRa)
ARM Developer #4 ("Use DoxyGen for Automated Code Documentation", see also: [1])
The Things Network Forum (LoRa communities)
The Things Network Console
Tetaneutral.net (Free LoRaWan network using Chirpstack as network server)
PyBoy (Game Boy emulator written in Python)
PyBoy (Manipulate network packet with the Python libray Scapy)
Reds (Accessing the RAM of a QEMU Emulated System from another Process)
Luigi Auriemma (Reverse engineering tools, not only for games)
airbus-seclab (A deep dive into QEMU: adding devices)
Xilinx wiki (QEMU Device Model Development)
EmbeTronicX (website about driver development and embedded)
kroah.com (Linux Kernel in a Nutshell)

Web shop

Drapeau Noir (Quality clothes)
Asket (Simple clothes)
Oat Foundry (Custom Split Flap Display)
Super Magnete (like Superman, but more sticky if you are made of steal)
Raja (Cardbox, Packaging, ...)
NUD (Lamp/Lightbulb holder)
Thomann.de (Music store with affordable products like Peli cases)
HobbyKing (Motors and batteries)
BaoFeng (Famous talkie-walkie)

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